Yes, a year ago I suddenly had the idea of creating my own stickers. I love stickers since I’ve been a child and I use them now for bullet journaling.

So I did some watercolor illustrations with Easter bunnies which I wanted to transform into stickers.

Luckily my sister who lives in the US agreed to transport my new Cricut cutting machine in her suitcase when she came for a visit soon after.

And so I was here with a brand new Cricut machine trying to figure out how everything works. I managed to install the software and do some test cutting. But after that other things grabbed my whole attention, stressful changes in my dayjob and so on.

No sticker making for a whole year. frown  The cutting machine on the shelf waiting patiently for me to return and integrate it into my life.
And finally with Easter approaching again, I found the time and energy to continue with this project. It’s a project that is so dear to my heart because it’s playful, fun, joyful, uplifting, and connecting me to my inner child in a big way.

It was not easy to find all the necessary information to finally create the stickers. The best tutorial I found was the one from Katnipp on YouTube. She literally walks you through the whole process.

And now I celebrate the existence of my first hand drawn stickers ready for Easter


Cutting the stickers with the Cricut machine.

How I use my stickers for my bullet journal.


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