A fairytale walk along Lake Brienz


The landscape along the left side of Lake Brienz is known for it’s romantic and wild vegetation, as well as rough cliffs that go steeply down into the tuquoise water of the lake.

I went there for a 1.5 hours walk from the village Iseltwald to the waterfalls of Giessbach, and I wasn’t disappointed. The atmosphere of the place was impressive and absolutely enchanting.


The adventure begins

On the way

Ferns and moss everywhere

Water of a deep turquoise

Sunrays between cliffs and rocks

Stairways and doors

Finally arriving at the majestic waterfalls of Giessbach

Back with the boat to Interlaken, which is situated at the end of the lake

If you want to know more about the waterfalls of Giessbach, you can watch my video:

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yEsVe3D5aZw[/embedyt]